In honor of #FreeComicBookDay, here are a few places you can read comics I’ve written for free:

Comic Book School Presents: Creator Connections, Panel 1 is a multiple-award winning anthology. I co-edited the anthology, and my superhero spoof A Day In the Life of Mr. Stupendous (illustrated by Arielle Lupkin, and lettered by C. Docolomansky) debuted as part of the book. Look for more Mr. Stupendous in Creator Connections, Panel 2, which is scheduled for release in the fall. The anthology also includes my prose flash fiction piece, The Duel, illustrated by Mike Ponce.

Soul Custody (illustrated by Marika Brousianou) first appeared in Constellate Literary Magazine. It was the first comic I had published, and it is still one of my favorite stories. It is very different in tone and style than Mr. Stupendous. It is a darker, slice of life, story, that elicits strong emotions from readers.

The Hit (illustrated by Tyler Carpenter) is a neo-noir crime story. It appeared in The Hickory Stump. Though the magazine seems to have gone out of business, but you can still read it here.

I’ve also written a couple of episodes of Sir TweetCivil, an episodic comic that follows a Monty Python-esque knight as he navigates the perilous realm of twitter. Here is the latest episode: Of The Notifications Perilous (illustrated by Alex Sapountzis).

Enjoy, and have a great Free Comic Book Day!

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