It’s #nanowrimo again, so instead of procrastinating and by writing a new blog post, here is one from a couple of years ago that I wrote while procrastinating instead to working on my nano project. Enjoy.

A. A. Rubin

The writer sits down in front of his computer. His phone has run out of batteries; the dishes are washed; the laundry is done. He has fed the cat, and the kids are asleep. There is nothing preventing him from getting on with that #NanoWriMo novel, except for anxiety and writer’s block.

He stares at the screen. The screen stares back at him. He rereads what he wrote the night before. Complete drivel. He had stopped the previous incoherent, stream of consciousness session of inane babble at particularly difficult plot point, and, having slept on it, and having gone through an entire day taking care of his two kids, he is no closer to resolving the conundrum than he had been the night before.

He briefly
considers summoning Mephistopheles, which, if the texts he’s read are any
indication, would be significantly easier than resolving that plot issue, but
considers whether…

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