Today, March 26, was supposed to be opening day of the 2020 baseball season. The season has been postponed due to the coronavirus, and, of course, that is the right thing to do. Still, I am missing baseball, especially today, a day that, traditionally, symbolizes hope, something that many of us need right now.

To mark the day, and try to tap into some of that “hope springs eternal” energy, I am posting a sonnet that I wrote in honor of opening day a few years ago. I hope it brings you joy on this day and reminds you of how you would be feeling on this day, at the start of any other baseball season.

That time of year thou mayst in fans behold
That malediction, fever of the spring
Surrounded by lingering snow and cold,
We dream of pennants and World Series rings.
With pride we root our noble heroes on
Eating hot dogs, peanuts, and crackerjacks
And all our worldly troubles fade, are gone
When that first pitch is thrown and bat doth crack
But Lo! When April fades to crueler months,
We reach the summer of our discontent
Like Mighty Casey in the Mudville ninth
Our hearts bereft of joy and merriment
Yet hope springs eternal for one and all,
When that blue-clad umpire calls out, “Play Ball!”

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